Lastepark OÜ
Tallinn, Estonia
Employees 72889€
Turnover last year 81158€
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About this business

For sale 3 equipped playrooms for children 0-10 y.o. in Tallinn. All rooms are in rental premises and made in different subjects: Tom and Jerry, Madagascar, Minions. In every playroom are: climbing and playing center, kitchen furniture, separate entrance, free parking places, central water, central heating, security. Around are apartment houses, private houses, good infrastructure.
Tom and Jerry - 340 m2, Akadeemia tee 78
Madagascar - 200 m2, Akadeemia tee 78
Minions - 275 m2, Tulemaa 20

Price for 3 rooms - 90.000
Cost separately - 30.000

Business statistics

Turnover last year: 159€ - 341k€

Business details

Employees: 1
Address: Akadeemia tee, Mustamäe, Tallinn, Estonia
Year founded: 2014

Listing details

Sale price: 90,000 €
Sale percentage: 100%
Total valuation: 90,000 €
Business location
Akadeemia tee, Mustamäe, Tallinn, Estonia