Vilnius, Lithuania
Employees 59621€
Turnover last year 99481€
Profit last year 9939€
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About this business

Main business focus is on business book publishing. The company has published and owns the rights to the most popular business books. Key aspect here is that for sale is not the printing house (never owned) but rather translations, contracts and inventory management system (print on demand) that allows effectively manage publishing business.

Business statistics

Turnover last year: 132€ - 963k€
Profit last year: 178€ - 820€

Business details

Employees: 1
Address: Babinių Sodų 15-oji gatvė
Year founded: 2008

Listing details

Sale price: 49,000 €
Sale percentage: 100%
Total valuation: 49,000 €
Business location
Babinių Sodų 15-oji gatvė
€ 90k for 100%

Lastepark OÜ

Tallinn, Estonia