Tokyo Sushi
Tartu, Estonia
Employees 64752€
Turnover last year 93850€
Profit last year 16734€
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About this business

Entire company with real estate, leases and property for sale!

The evaluation report has made for real estate and for company. This is the first well established sushi bar in Tartu, which was opened in 2008.

In addition, there are branches in the Lõunakeskus and Kvartal.

Property consists of three connected commercial and it is located in most favored place in Tartu. Total premises 144.3 m²

Accommodation consists of two halls, a bar, a kitchen, a hallway, a wind chamber, two toilets, a shower room, utility room, staff room and office.

Business statistics

Turnover last year: 196€ - 664€
Profit last year: 37€ - 695€

Business details

Employees: 6
Address: Ülikooli
Year founded: 2008

Listing details

Sale price: 410,000 €
Sale percentage: 100%
Total valuation: 410,000 €
Business location
€ 14k for 100%

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