Tallinn, Estonia
Employees 46479€
Turnover last year 7081€
Profit last year 63975€

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About this business

A company specialising in online sales of select alcoholic beverages. We have developed a custom made website with a professional backoffice system for accounting and stock management purposes. There are direct payment bank-links in place as well as a cooperation with Eesti Post for anautomatic delivery of purchased items. The items on sale are bought under direct contracts with producers from France and other countries.

Business statistics

Turnover last year: 130€ - 835k€
Profit last year: 116€ - 522k€

Business details

Employees: 0
Address: Merivälja tee 5
Year founded: 2012

Listing details

Sale price: 10,000 €
Sale percentage: 100%
Total valuation: 10,000 €
Business location
Merivälja tee 5
€ 14k for 100%

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