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I want to sell my business

You own a bar.

You and your family want to move to another city. You could sell your bar, but you don’t have a buyer.

Now you can list your business on Shareswall to get the best market price.

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I want to expand my business

You have two successful shops.

You would like to expand to other cities but you do not have contacts there.

Where to start from?

With Shareswall you could find shops on sale in these cities.

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I need an investor

You have a sewing factory.

It is doing well, but you need to invest in new equipment.

The bank loan to Your company is too complicated.

You would prefer to have an investor who would think along with you.

You can find one at Shareswall.

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I want to have more diverse investment portfolio

You have apartments as investment.

It is good thinking. But you want to diffuse the risks.

You would like to invest in something different – like in a company.

You can find such companies at Shareswall.

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I want to invest in a company in another country

You want to expand your business across Europe/Baltics or you want to diversify.

But you have no contacts.

With Shareswall you will find ways to invest in companies across borders.

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I want to know what my shares are worth

You have shares in a club.

If price was right you might consider selling.

But you have no idea what the market price might be.

With Shareswall you can learn about the true value of your shares.

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I have a start-up that needs an investor!

You are about to start something great.

Your idea is absolutely perfect, but your runways is a bit short...

With Shareswall you can find partners who think big - just like You.

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